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Melvin Leermakers

Allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Melvin Leermakers and I could be your chef for the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or (beach) BBQ. I moved to the Caribbean in the beginning of 2018 but i'm living on the beautiful island of Bonaire since February 2019. Gained my passion for cooking when I was a little boy that loved to visit his grandfathers who was also a chef. He taught me the basic skills for cooking and let me assist in cooking amazing family dinners.

When I turned 16 I've officially started working in the culinary industry ever since I got to know several kitchens and levels of cooking. I've worked for several great chef's, but noticed by working in the kitchen I missed the direct contact with my guests. In 2020 when Covid-19 hit everyone I decided it was time to change course and start my own business, best choice I've ever made!

I love to treat my guests with delicious dishes with local ingredients, but also tell them the story behind the ingredients. I'm a passionate guy and love to share my passion for food and the island of Bonaire with my guests. By cooking for you in your own kitchen and focus completely on the wishes of you and your company I'll give you a culinary treat!

Looking forward meeting you in person and plan a culinary journey together!

Culinary regards,

Melvin Leermakers

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“I was lucky enough to enjoy 2 catered meals from Melvin and I have to say I was blown away!! Don’t know if I’ve ever had such good food (certainly not better)....everything he touches turns to gold! Also Melvin is a great character, he had a lot of interesting anecdotes and was able give us great insights and tipps about Bonaire and some other Dutch Caribbean Islands. I wish him all the best and can highly recommend him to anyone!”

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